okay, ladies, now let's get in formation!

Unless you live in a bubble, you would have known/seen/heard Beyoncé's surprise new single and video Formation by now. Bey is notorious for dropping singles and albums without any warning and the fact that she leaves us breathless every time, shows that she is truly the Queen! 

But Formation is critical. Not only does Beyoncé remind us of her proud southern roots, the song celebrates and pays homage to the many different black identities, his/herstorys, movements and resistances, particularly in America's southern states. It comes at a very important time, released one day after what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 21st birthday and one day before what would have been Sandra Bland’s 29th birthday. To read more about why Formation is such a powerful anthem, please read this piece by Zandria from New South Negress, We Slay, Part 1

So, after watching the video about a million times, I took a few deep breaths and got my s**t together, because obviously I HAD to dedicate this weeks inspired look to Queen Bey! I loved every single look she had going on (including her makeup during her Super Bowl 50 performance), with particular admiration for the bold lip colours and metallic eyeshadows.  

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