to prime, or not to prime...

When I first started wearing makeup I never even thought about wearing primer. It was just an extra stage and extra money, which I didn’t want to commit to. HOWEVER, now I believe good primers can totally change the game and can make a real difference to your finish. It can make your makeup look even and last much longer than if you were just to put foundation straight on. I've tried so many primers and have narrowed it down to three favourites:


1. Smashbox

These are a great everyday primer, which leaves your skin soft and hydrated - good for blending foundation into. They have many types of primer, ones to colour-correct or illuminate.



2. Make Up For Ever

These are amazing for a HD, photo-ready look! It’s a fantastic product but please use it sparingly and only on areas you need it. Like Smashbox, they have many types, all formulated to work with each other. For example, if you wanted to mattify and colour-correct at the same time, you can easily do that with these primers.  



3. Milk of Magnesia

I haven’t gone mad, I swear. Sounds ridiculous putting a laxative on your face, but seriously this is the best mattifying primer I have ever tried. Again, you only need a little and only on the areas you need to get rid of oil and shine. When you apply it, it will dry white, don’t panic because your foundation will cover it. But please DO NOT use this as an everyday primer as it can disturb the ph levels of your skin.