blue lips!

Sounds scarey I know, but hear me out. Ever since I saw RiRi wear MAC’s matte Royal Blue, at her River Island launch in London back in 2013, I have wondered why I haven’t seen more people rock a blue lip...until now!

Seriously, I could have posted so many recent images of people flaunting their best blue lips. It’s so great to see people look stunning wearing lipsticks that aren’t the conventional shades of red, pink or nude. LA Splash has introduced a new line of liquid lipsticks inspired by Harry Potter (eek!) and feature so many funky colours! My personal favs are Nagini (a deep green) and Sirius (a deep blue), but they’re all pretty magical.

It can be intimidating when trying new colours, especially when it’s not what you're use to! But it can also be really empowering and brave. It’s all about finding the right shade of colour that fits and compliments you. Get ready world!