makeup artistry that celebrates difference...

For me, makeup has always been about celebrating who I am and others around me. Practicing makeup allows me to be free, creative and fearless and not be constrained by boundaries (which life is filled with!). I don’t see my makeup as being something artificial, I see it as a form of art and expression. 

I remember growing up, watching my mum apply her beautiful bright red lip and being amazed at how confident and strong it made her feel. She wasn’t afraid to be different, some days I saw her rock a dark brown lipstick, a black lipstick or even a silver lipstick! Ever since then my mum has always inspired me to be different and not to let people see that as a weakness. 

Being a young South Asian woman in 2015, I am constantly being told by the media that I should be a certain way and if i’m not then i’m ugly. I’m lucky to have some very supportive and awesome people in my life who continue to remind me that difference is to be celebrated and not to be feared. This blog space is really just a way for me to share this celebration and some little tips on the way!