sportsperson of the year 2015

Super proud moment when Serena Williams was announced as this year's Sportsperson of the Year! Everyone who knows me, knows I'm one of her biggest fans. She is the sole reason I watch and follow any type of sport, in particular tennis which is a very white, middle-class, male-dominated game. So growing up watching Serena made a huge difference to how I viewed sports and seeing a women of colour being so successful in that space, was really inspiring!

Serena won 53 games out of 56 that she played this year - that is a record! She is the third woman and the only black woman to win the title of Sportsperson of the Year! Can she be any more impressive?! 

But haters will always hate! After it was announced, there were some ridiculous comments from people, stating that she didn't deserve it and instead a race horse should have got the title.......


....Anyways! So this week's inspired look goes to Serena Williams, the legend!